Roche Abbey Yorkshire

Sh Ch State Occasion with Marion

    Show Champion Rocheby Royal Oak  24.9.1989 - 14.12.2001

Pretentious at Rocheby

Show Champion
Poolstead Preferential
Show Champion
Poolstead Problem

Show Champion
Poolstead Preface
Precious Pearl

Pearl Barley

Package Holiday

Show Champion
Rocheby Acorn

Platmate of


Jade Star
of Darkness
Polished Oak
Show Champion
Keysun Krispin O'Blondella
Dark Ebony

From Mr. L. Brabban (Cambremer, U.K.) Sept, 2001

 "This dog was 12 years old and was in such beautiful condition, a credit to his owner.
His head was so full of kindness and his overall construction indicated that here was a dog who had been to the top of the tree when in the show ring. I duly did my critique, saying what a lovely type of dog he was.
I gave a pat and a hug and thanked the owner for bringing him.
Not recognising the owner I asked who the dog was where upon he said it was Show Champion Rocheby Royal Oak and he has brought him just to let people see how well he was.
As we all know Royal Oak was one of our top dogs of the early 90's and one of our top sires. He was in sparkling condition and it really made my day complete."

Mr. L. Brabban (Cambremer, U.K.) Sept, 2001 (Royal Oak was entered as "not for competition" at the Exposition Nationale d'Elevage of the Retriever Club de France.) quoted from the The Labrador International Newsletter Winter 2001.